Research and Documentation Centre


“Stephen the Great” Research and Documentation Centre of the Holy Putna Monastery was established on the 2nd of January, 2005, with the blessing of His Eminence Pimen, Archbishop of Suceava and Rădăuți, and with the help of professors from the Faculty of History of “Al.I. Cuza” University of Iași and researchers from “N. Iorga” History Institute in Bucharest.

The scientific events organized at Putna Monastery during “Holy Stephen the Great 500” – 2004 commemorative year revealed the need for a structure meant to foster knowledge and research of our past.

The scientific objective of the Centre is to research Saint Stephen the Great’s time and the history of Putna Monastery, with an emphasis on the latter's role in “building our medieval culture, in the Romanian rebirth, and in upholding the national spirit.” Its scientific span was subsequently enlarged to include the history of other monasteries from Bukowina.

In order to clarify the role played by the Holy Putna Monastery in saving and storing books and liturgical objects no longer in use after decommissioning of old worship places, the Centre also aims to fructify the monastery’s artistic and documentary treasures by publishing papers and historical documents from the monastery’s archive and from other public or private archives.

The Centre has set up the biannual history journal “Annals of Putna”, which accepts for publication studies, articles, notes, documents, reviews, bibliographical notes on the epoch of Stephen the Great and his immediate ancestors and successors, on the history of Putna Monastery and of the monasteries from Bukovina.

The “Annals of Putna” publishes mainly the proceedings of the “Putna Colloquia”. Thus, the authors who want to publish in this journal are encouraged to participate in one of the editions of the “Putna Colloquia” and present their work in front of some of the best specialists in the field.

In addition to the “Annals of Putna”, over thirty volumes have been published by the “Mitropolit Iacov Putneanul” Publishing House of the Research and Documentation Centre, covering topics from history, archaeology, art history, and old literature.