Annals of Putna

III, 2007, 1

„III, 2007, 1”

Voica Maria Pușcașu
Some Not Quite Accidental Parallelisms

Bogdan-Petru Maleon
Lay Priests and the Great Moldavian Monasteries in the 15th Century. Case Study: The Putna Monastery

Mihai-Bogdan Atanasiu
Ilie Cantacuzino, the Founder of the Church from the Putna Hermitage (Sihăstria Putnei)

Ștefan S. Gorovei
The Last Sponsors of the Buga Bell from the Putna Monastery (1818)

Ieromonah Dosoftei Dijmărescu
Hegumens of the Putna Monastery in the 18–20th Centuries. Portraits and Graves

Ștefan S. Gorovei
A Hieromonk from Putna at the Bucharest Metropolitanate (1676–1677)

Lucian-Valeriu Lefter
Eulogius the Teacher and His Son, George, Translators and Scribes for the Putna Monastery

Tudor-Radu Tiron
An Old Treasure of the Holy Monastery of Putna. Notes on the Use of Monograms and “Geometric Symbols” in the Romanian Medieval Emblems and Heraldry

Maria Magdalena Székely
Scattered Manuscripts from the Scriptorium and the Library of the Putna Monastery

Monah Alexie Cojocaru
The Guest Books of the Putna Monastery. Between History and Eternity

Liviu Papuc
Pilgrimages to Putna between the Two World Wars (1918–1925) – a Means for Strengthening the National Unity. Echoes from the Press

The present issue includes the lectures given at the third edition of the Putna Colloquia, hosted by the Putna Monastery between the 9th and the 11th of July, 2006.

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