Annals of Putna

IV, 2008, 2

„IV, 2008, 2”

Maria Magdalena Székely
Imperial Attributes of the Suceava Fortress

Ștefan S. Gorovei
The Suceava Fortress. A Hypothesis

Alexandru Pînzar
Suceava in the Medieval Imaginary

Paraschiva-Victoria Batariuc
A House from the Time of Stephen the Great on the Archeological Site “Câmpul Șanțurilor” from Suceava – the House from Zone B

Ștefan S. Gorovei
The Sources of History, the History of Sources. The Inscription with the Coat of Arms (1492) from the Suceava Fortress

P. P. Panaitescu (†)
The Inscription from 1550 from the Suceava Fortress

Andrei Eșanu, Valentina Eșanu
The Diptychs of the Voroneț Monastery. Text and Analysis

Valentina Pelin (†)
Manuscripts from the Reign of Stephen the Great (II)

The articles published in this issue are dedicated to the commemoration, in 2008, of 620 years since Suceava was first mentioned in a historical document and of 520 years since the consecration of Voroneț Monastery.

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