Putna Colloquia, 26th Edition

On September 2–3, 2021, “Stephen the Great” Research and Documentation Centre organized the 26th edition of the Putna Colloquia history symposium, held with physical and online participation. The event gathered historians from Bucharest, Iași, Cluj, Arad, Chernivtsi and historians members of the Putna monastic community.


The presented papers focused on various themes related to Putna Monastery’s past (historical chapels built within the perimeter of the monastery; the monastery church and its tombs as they were described in old manuscripts; biographical aspects  from the lives of hierarchs who served Putna, such as Jacob of Putna; a Psalter kept in foreign archives), to the 18th-century metropolitans of Moldavia and their political orientation, to various aspects of the history of Stephen the Great’s Moldavia as noted in novel sources (the conquering of Kilia and Moncastro; music and musical instrument at the princely court), to other princes of Moldavia (Bogdan III’s campaign in Poland; Vasile Lupu’s gifts to the Tsar of Russia), to documents and objects from archives of collections, as well as the mural painting of monasteries (Sucevița, Dragomirna), to Moldavian endowments to the St Catherine Monastery on Mount Sinai and to clarifications on the biography of St John the New of Suceava.


2021 marked 150 years from the First Great Festivity of All Romanians. The celebration was organized by Mihai Eminescu and brought together Romanians who came from all historically Romanian provinces and who were living at the time under three empires. Therefore, a special section was reserved for presentations dedicated to the 1871 Putna Celebration. The topics were related to the documents of the event, to the symbolic objects brought to the celebration and to the personalities who joined its organizing committee.


The proceedings concluded with a presentation of recent publications dedicated to the event of the year: marking 150 years since the 1871 Celebration.