Annals of Putna

V, 2009, 1

„V, 2009, 1”

Bogdan-Petru Maleon
The Relations between the Political Power and the Ecclesiastical Authority in Moldavia of Stephen the Great. Between the Orthodox Tradition and the Local Traits

Ștefan Andreescu
The Date of Uzun Hasan’s Letter to Stephen the Great. New Contributions

Nagy Pienaru
Ottoman Sources on Moldavia of Stephen the Great

Ovidiu Cristea
Another History: The Campaign of 1497 in the “Diaries” of Marino Sanudo

Tudor-Radu Tiron
About “The Midday Sun” from the Coat of Arms of Stephen the Great

Nicolae N. Pușcașu (†), Voica Maria Pușcașu
The Voroneț Monastery. Archaeology and History

Maria Magdalena Székely
The Founders of the Voroneț Monastery

Ieromonah Dosoftei Dijmărescu
Stephen the Great and Daniel the Hermit. A New Perspective

Pr. Constantin Cojocaru
Anthony, Metropolitan of Moldavia, Chernigov and Belgorod

Andrei Pippidi
Metropolitan Anthony, Ion Neculce and the Russians

Ruxandra Moașa Nazare
Nicephorus Sidis, Metropolitan of Moldavia (1740–1750), the Predecessor of Jacob of Putna

Petronel Zahariuc
Metropolitan Jacob of Putna and “The Common Trouble” of Moldavia

Ieromonah Marcu Petcu
Monasticism, Filial and Paternal Spirituality during the Time of Metropolitan Jacob of Putna

Lucian-Valeriu Lefter
A Teacher of Our Nation: Metropolitan Jacob of Putna

Monah Alexie Cojocaru
Metropolitan Jacob of Putna, the Second Founder of the Putna Monastery

Mihai-Bogdan Atanasiu
A Collaborator of Metropolitan Jacob of Putna: Hieromonk Nathan(iel)

Ștefan S. Gorovei
Archimandrite Bartholomew Mazereanu and his activity. New contributions

The present issue includes the lectures given at the sixth edition of the Putna Colloquia, hosted by the Putna Monastery between the 9th and the 13th of July, 2008.

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