Annals of Putna

XII, 2016, 2

„XII, 2016, 2”

Sergiu Iosipescu
Bessarabia from Stephen the Great to Petru Rareș

Monah Timotei Tiron
The Grave of Archimandrite Ghenadie Plantenchi, Hegumen of Putna Monastery (1826–1837)

Marius Diaconescu
The Mobilization of the Hungarian Army in 1497 “in subsidium et tutelam wayvode Moldauiensis”

Alexandru Pînzar
Several Pieces of Unused Small News, from Foreign Sources, about the Reign of Stephen the Great

Monah Alexie Cojocaru
Contributions and Corrections Concerning the Epitrachelion with Prophets Donated by Stephen the Great and Bogdan III to Putna Monastery

Nagy Pienaru
Moldavia of Stephen the Great in the Persian Chronicle “Eight Paradises” of Idris Bitlisi

Ivan Biliarsky, Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova
“Contra varietatem pugna latissima.” A Moldavian Juridical Collection and Its Convoy (BAR Ms. sl. 636, 16th Century)

Mircea-Cristian Ghenghea
Stephen the Great – Symbol of Moldovenism in the Communist Press from Republic of Moldova. Case Study: “Moldova Suverană” (2005–2009)

This issue includes lectures given at some of the Putna Colloquia organized in previous years.

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