Annals of Putna

XIII, 2017, 2

„XIII, 2017, 2”

Liviu Cîmpeanu
Basarab Laiotă, Stephen the Great and Matthias Corvinus in 1477

Monah Iustin Taban
Emendations Concerning the End of the Pastoral Tenure of Metropolitan Theophan I (1545/1546)

Alexandru Pînzar
Tradition and Innovation: The Succession to the Throne of Moldavia in 1517

Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu
Moldavian Documents from Old Moscow Archives

Ștefan S. Gorovei
Nouvelles informations arméniennes concernant Étienne le Grand et ses successeurs

This issue of the journal includes part of the lectures given at the 19th edition of the Putna Colloquia, held in Iași on February 16, 2017.

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