Annals of Putna

XIV, 2018, 1

„XIV, 2018, 1”

Radu G. Păun
A Lost Inheritance. The Synodikon of Orthodoxy and the Veneration of Icons Service from the Sunday of Orthodoxy

Alexandru Pînzar
The Outbreak of the Political Dynastic Crisis in Moldavia in 1447. A New Analysis of the Sources

Daniel Ursprung
Propaganda and Popularization: the Printed Stories about Vlad Țepeș in the Context of 1488

Claudia Rapp
Kaisarios Dapontes (1713–1784): Orthodoxy and Education between Mount Athos and the Danubian Principalities

Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu
At the Beginning of the Moldavian-Russian Relations

Ovidiu Cristea
The Outcome of an Ottoman Expedition: New and Old Sources on the Expedition of Malcocioglu Bali beg in Poland (November 1498 – February 1499)

Monah Alexie Cojocaru
About the Inscription with the Coat of Arms from Putna Monastery (1481). Some Reconsiderations

Voica Maria Pușcașu
The Eclesiastical Architecture from the Time of Voievode Stephen the Great. The current State of Knowledge

Pr. Dumitru Tincu
The Gospel Book of the Church of the Princely Courts from Hârlău (1504)

Alexandru Pascal
A Note and a Manuscript from the Time of Petru Rareș – from Theodosius (1543) to Theodosius (1603)

Alexandru Pascal
On the Menaion which bears the Note about the 1536 Fire from Putna Monastery

Monahia Maria Magdalena Gherghina
Dragomirna Monastery under the patronage of the Holy Trinity

Alexandru Pascal
A Letter of Metropolitan Anastasius Crimca to the Moscow Patriarch Philaret Nikitich

Vera Tchentsova
Miron Barnovsky Movilă, the Moscow Court and the Relics of Saint James the Persian

Mihai-Bogdan Atanasiu
Benefactors of Putna Hermitage in the 18th Century. Prosopographical Notes

Marius Chelcu
A Register from the 19th Century: a Witness to the “Fragmentation” of the Archives of the Monasteries from Bukovina

Liviu Cîmpeanu
Considerations on the Artillery of Voivode Stephen the Great

Ștefan Andreescu
About a Project for a Crusade from 1500

Monah Iustin Taban
Filotheus of Putna, Bishop of Roman during the reign of Michael the Brave (June 15 – September 6, 1600)

Ioan-Augustin Guriță
The Trials of a Generation. Monks from Putna Monastery in the Ecclesiastical Administration of Moldavia (Second Half of the 18th Century)

Mircea-Cristian Ghenghea
“The Country’s Watch”: Stephen the Great and Putna Monastery in Romanian Philatelic Images

The present issue includes the lectures given at the 20th edition of the Putna Colloquia, hosted by the Putna and Dragomirna Monasteries between the 30th of August and the 2nd of September, 2017.

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