Annals of Putna

XIV, 2018, 2

„XIV, 2018, 2”

Arcadie M. Bodale
The Brotherhood of Putna Monastery at the End of the 18th Century According to Documents Held at the Allgemeines Verwaltungsarchiv in Vienna

Ioan-Augustin Guriță
341 Years after the Fall of Constantinople: a Manuscript, a Native of Suceava and a Cultural Phenomenon

Alessandro Flavio Dumitrașcu
Via Terrestris: A Difficult Moldo-Genoese Coexistence from the Time of Stephen the Great

Liviu Pilat
Observations Regarding the Rose from the Coat of Arms of Stephen the Great and the Context after the Victory of Vaslui

Ligia-Maria Fodor
Austrian Documentary Evidence Regarding the Building of a New Bell Tower at Putna Monastery in the Second Half of the 19th Century

Olimpia Mitric
Des Archives de Suceava: un Gromovnic de Putna analysé et commenté par Artemon Bortnic, le recteur du Séminaire de Tchernovtsy (1838)

Ioan-Augustin Guriță
About Stephen the Great and Moldavia at the End of the 17th Century. Remarks on a Late Chronicle

Iulian Marcel Ciubotaru
Contributions to the History of the Romanian Orthodox Church from the 15th and 16th Centuries

Monah Alexie Cojocaru
Stephen the Great’s Epitrachelion from Pătrăuți. New Data

Ivan Biliarsky
Manuscript Sl. 117 (BAR) and its Prayers for the Prince and His Family

Elena Firea
An Echo of the 1497 Siege of Suceava in the Frescoes of Arbore?

Adinel Dincă
The Manuscript of the Moldavian-German Chronicle of 1502: A Paleographic Analysis

Maria Magdalena Székely
Un portrait inattendu dans l’église du monastère de Coșula

Maria Magdalena Székely
Activité fondatrice et gestes de pouvoir du prince de Moldavie Miron Barnovschi

Olimpia Mitric
Les anciens inventaires du Monastère Sucevița

Arcadie M. Bodale
The Copy of an Unknown Document from Stephen the Great and Several Observations about the Family of Boyar Michael “from Dorohoi”

This issue includes lectures given at some of the Putna Colloquia organized in previous years.

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