Annals of Putna

XVII, 2021, 1

„XVII, 2021, 1”

Ștefan Andreescu
Pope Innocent VIII and the Crusade

Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu
A Porringer from “Stephen Voivode, Son of Bogdan Voivode” in Sankt Petersburg
Andrei Mirea
The Locust Invasion during the War between Stephen the Great and Mehmed II
Ștefan S. Gorovei
Les cloches d’Étienne le Grand
Andrei Dumitrescu
Between the Rhetoric of Power and Intercession: Some Remarks on the Selection of Iconic Figures in the Narthex of “St. Nicholas” Church in Rădăuți (around 1480–1500)
Olena Sergiy, Bohdan Berezenko, Vera Tchentsova
From Moldavia to Kyiv: The Peregrinations of “Theophanes’ cross”
Vera Tchentsova
Treasures of Râșca Monastery in Kyiv
Alexandru Pascal
Romanian-Cyrillic Glosses from the Arad “Kormchei”
Protosinghel Iustin Taban
The Forest Reserve of Putna Monastery in 1502, 1647 and 1790. A Comparative Cartographic Approach
Monah Alexie Cojocaru
A Putna Monastery Guest Register Dating from 1911–1912
Alice Isabella Sullivan
The Putna Wooden Box: Iconographic, Technical and Stylistic Details
Protos. Dosoftei Dijmărescu, Iulian Tomeac
Hieromonk Pimen Zainea, Abbot (1958–1961) and Guide (1964/5–1974) of Putna Monastery – Documents From the Monastery Archive
Svetlana Kujumdzieva
The Significance of the Putna Music School in the History of Orthodox Church Music
Yevgeniya Ignatenko
Putna Musical School and Tradition of Ukrainian-Belarusian Church Chant of the 16th–18th Centuries: Some Points of Interaction
Hierodeacon Avraam Bugu
Four-Meter Phrases in Middle Byzantine Chant (I)
Gregory Myers
The Kastoria 8 Asmatikon – A Middle Byzantine Enigma

The present issue includes the lectures given at the 24th edition of the Putna Colloquia, hosted by the Putna Monastery on the 3rd and the 4th of July, 2020.

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