Annals of Putna

XVII, 2021, 2

„XVII, 2021, 2”

Protosinghel Dosoftei Dijmărescu, Ierodiacon Timotei Tiron
The Holy Table Cover from Putna Monastery (inventory no 19). History in Little Pieces
Ștefan S. Gorovei
Documents suspects des anciennes archives du Monastère de Putna
Monah Alexie Cojocaru
Alexandrina Magheru-Haralamb and the 1871 Putna Celebration
Ierodiacon Avraam Bugu
The First Documented Name Mention in the History of Liturgical Music in Moldavia
Eduard Rusu
Musical Instruments in the Paintings and Miniatures from Dragomirna Monastery
Stavrofora Maria Magdalena Gherghina
The Manuscript Registers of Monks of the Dragomirna Monastery (1786−1878)
Voica Maria Pușcașu
Tomb Stones. A Sad Story
Ieromonah Iustin Taban
Of Elena Rareș’s Forced Monastic Tonsure (1552). Between Canon and Medieval Mentality
Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu
About some Romanian Embroideries in Russia
Emanuela Cernea
From Bunești to Bucharest. The Forgotten Epitaphios of Ștefan Tomșa II and the “fragile” History of Painted Liturgical Veils
Ovidiu Cristea
“Sunset”: Event, Testimonies, Possible Implications
Vlad Bedros
“The Five Martyrs” in Moldavian Mural Painting: Note on Iconographic Contexts and Devotional Subtexts

The present issue includes lectures given at the 25th edition of the Putna Colloquia, organized exclusively online on the 4th of March, 2021.

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