Annals of Putna

XVIII, 2022, 1

„XVIII, 2022, 1”

Protosyngellos Iustin Taban 
Metropolitan Anthony of Putna’s Flight to Russia and His Subsequent Defrocking (1739): A Historical and Canonical Reevaluation

Ștefan S. Gorovei
Deux contributions à l’histoire du Métropolite Iacob Ier de Putna

Mihai-Bogdan Atanasiu
An Unknown Manuscript from Putna Monastery (1856)

Monk Alexie Cojocaru
Epithets and Titles Attributed to Stephen the Great at the 1871 Putna Celebration

Augustin Mureșan
The Crișana Romanian Maidens’ Flag Offered at the 1871 Putna Celebration

Dragoș Olaru
A Short Biography of an Important Contributor to the 1871 Putna Celebration: Emanuel Logothetti

Liviu Papuc
The Putna Celebration. Arcadie Ciupercovici and Other

Protosyngellos Dosoftei Dijmărescu
File 3/1900 from the Putna Monastery Archive. The Autobiography of the Hegumen Teofil Patraș, the Putna Celebration of 1904 and Other Events from 1897–1936

Ștefan Andreescu
Wallachians and Wallachia in Konstantin Mihailović of Ostrovitsa’s Memoires

Eduard Rusu
Music in Stephen the Great’s Moldavia. Certainties and Hypotheses

Maria Magdalena Székely
De nouveau sur la campagne du prince de Moldavie Bogdan III en Pologne (1509)

Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu
Gifts for the Tsar from Vasile Lupu

Alexandru Pascal
About a Putna Monastery Psalter from the 16th Century in the Collection of the Russian State Library

Sister Georgiana Diaconița
The Dragomirna Monastery Seal Collection – Symbol of the Continuity of Religious Life in 19th-Century Bukovina

The present issue includes the lectures given at the 26th edition of the Putna Colloquia, hosted by the Putna Monastery on the 2nd and the 3rd of July, 2021.

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